New Building


  • Topographic Survey completed August,2015
  • Traffic Study completed March,2017
  • Guru Nanak Sikh Temple plans prepared and submitted April,2017
  • Application for Permit for new building completed submitted April,2017
  • Application for leach field design prepared and submitted June,2017
  • Leach field design prepared submitted to Solano County August,2017
  • Leach field design approved by the county August,2017
  • Existing City water use analysis prepared and submitted to county Sept.,2017
  • Projected City water use prepared and submitted to county Sept.,2017
  • New Irrigation water well application submitted, Sept.2017
  • Solano County approval Well installation Permit, Sept.,2017
  • New Well installed and old well destroyed, October,2017
  • Hydrogeological Study/Retention Pond for Storm Water completed Dec.,2017
  • County Prepared Negative Declaration March 2018
  • Met with the County to discuss the Landscape and Fire access issues May 23, 2018
  • Revised site plan to show Fire Access Road around the building, June, 2018
  • Architect and I met with Fire Chief and County staff as requested by the County, July 10, 2018
  • Revised the Traffic Study twice December 2017, and again May 2018
  • County Republished (CEQA) Negative declaration Sept. 05, 2018
  • 30 Days comment period ended October 05, 2018
  • Story Poles removed October 06, 2018
  • California Fish and wild-life concern about Swainson’s Hawk and Burrowing Owl
  • Planning Commission approval Use Permit August 2019
  • Board of Supervisor Approval October 2019

Projected Milestones

  • Building permit ✓
  • Building Construction
  • Leach-fields construction
  • Retention Pond/storm drain construction
  • Move Water Tank and Generator/Fire Engine
  • Landscaping/Parking Lot/Left Turn Lane